Girl Woman Winter 2018 comfort maxi prints T-shirt velvet sweater pattern Zooo Society ZoooSociety


We set up our business with the objective of making life more comfortable and fun for the smaller members of the family
and for their Mums!

We love how children intuitively know and can choose what they want at any time. We adults try to do the same, but not as well! Kids also have a point of view which is not always heard.

Zooo Society™ is a company intent on telling a story, sharing some values, to make parents realise that children are not just their responsibility
but they are small adults who can teach us a thing or two as life goes on. Zooo Society™ would like to remind parents, particularly Mums, that life is a game; that children soon grow up, and that it’s important we take advantage of every moment that we spend with them.

Onwards! Now that we’ve released, it’s time to dress accordingly.

How do we do this? It’s a long story as clothes are designed and manufactured in Spain. Everything you see on our website is a Spanish product. Also, we’d like you to know that in most cases the illustrations are our own, so you will be buying exclusive and limited collections

Brand Manager:

Izaida Jiménez Rodríguez